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Enjoy History, Rejuvenation and Adventure: The Promises of Eureka Springs, Arkansas


C.J. Good
A getaway is important for our physical and emotional well-being. It can provide opportunities for a multitude of activities that are fun, educational and invigorating. If we are feeling stress and anxiety because of jobs, relationships, etc., it is crucial for each of us to occasionally break away from our normal environment.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas is located in the Ozark Mountains. The entire city, including its historic district, is on the National Register of Historic Places.

With its inexpensive and easy accessibility, this destination succeeds where so many other tourist areas of a similar nature fail. It is not only one of the most popular tourist locations in Arkansas, it manages to be an eye-opener with its wealth of activities and amenities.

Eureka Springs is a unique village of hills with steep winding streets that curve around lovely topography. The town is filled with historic Victorian-style cottages and manors. The buildings are well-preserved and are built from local stone.

The commercial district is filled with specialty shops, antique stores, more than 20 art galleries, coffee shops and cafes. Tourists can use the trolley service to get around town.

Eureka Springs began as a tourist destination in the late 1800\'s as a curative health spa. It was later promoted as a retirement area for those interested in gracious living and wealthy lifestyles. In 1882, a railroad was completed and Eureka Springs expanded to become a highly regarded vacation resort. Many beautiful Victorian buildings were erected during this period and have been lovingly preserved to this day.

The town is a popular area for artists and music lovers from around the world. Blues, jazz, folk, and classical music, each have a weekend festival dedicated to their genre. In the summer, Opera in the Ozarks performs operatic productions. There are poetry festivals, local theater productions, gay and lesbian diversity weekends, an annual UFO conference, motorcycle and auto shows. The May Fine Arts Festival and parade is also a popular event.

The city hosts gallery strolls, Shakespeare in the Ozarks, Books in Bloom, Grand Illumination, White Street Studio Walk, ART Car, The Passion Play and Music in the Park. The Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railroad operates vintage train excursions.

We need to recognize that we are our own masters and like the manager of a successful business, we must decide what we wish to accomplish. If we live under an umbrella of anxiety and stress, this can get in the way of accomplishing our dreams. Therefore, we need to create an action plan with ourselves; a plan or an agreement with ourselves that involves rest, rejuvenation and renewal. We also need to carry out the plan; verify results; make helpful changes; and remember to reward ourselves. These are the essential steps in becoming a rejuvenated individual.

Taking a getaway to a bed and breakfast inn in Eureka Springs can help us to become reinvigorated, and find new resources for understanding and managing stress symptoms. A trip that includes adventure, healthful eating and exercise, positive effects of nature and history will help us to recharge our batteries.

David Mitchell, the Innkeeper of Heart of the Hills Inn in Eureka Springs, Arkansas shares with us his wisdom in how we can become empowered by making good use of our getaway time. 'We host many couples who are wanting to step away from their lives for a short interlude to just de-stress. They don\'t have to get up; they don\'t have to get dressed. They can stay in their pajamas. The theme here is: relax, refresh, and romance. It is integrated in the inn and serves its purpose.'

Travelers to Eureka Springs learn how to navigate the area. They involve themselves in their own rest and relaxation, and learn to communicate more effectively with their loved-ones. Gaining more knowledge of other cultures, and taking a trip back in time tends to thwart stressful situations. We get better at assessing and weighing the bombardment of information we receive on a daily basis.

This town exposes us to a new clarity reminding us that just in the same way we should be attentive concerning a product or service we purchase, we should, likewise, be vigilant about managing our travel destinations. We want to choose places that nurture our mind, body and spirit.

David Mitchell, the Innkeeper shares with great insight suggestions, ideas and perspective-changing attitudes that encourage us to become less timid about taking time off while overcoming the tension and strain our jobs put in front of us. 'My background is in nursing and psychology,' he says, 'I naturally gravitate and attune to listening. You have to have a real service type personality. I also find it a challenge when someone is out of sorts. I love to turn them around. When you turn someone around, you have a guest who remembers it for life. The fresh flower, the little niceties; that is what turns them.'

In a nutshell, and as the innkeeper emphasizes, in order to become relaxed, renewed and recharged, we need to take more personal responsibility for our peace of mind, becoming diligent, proactive, and participatory.

David continues, 'We host mothers, daughters and granddaughters. Some guests have suffered a death in their family, or have lost their job. Eureka is known for its quaintness, a little luxury, and a little pampering. You can gauge people and determine how much they want to talk, and you move to meet that. You can also determine how much they don\'t want to talk.'

The atmosphere of a bed and breakfast inn is the integration of every lesson and distinction that the owner has learned and has applied to his or her intention as an innkeeper. The influence of some guests and visitors who have shared their experiences can shape an innkeeper\'s philosophy as well as that of the inn.

Remember that the point of a getaway is to renew, rejuvenate and recharge. You can do some research on the area and plan a few exciting activities. A well-orchestrated itinerary will not soon be forgotten. Discovering your own voice and defining your own relaxing vacation might enable you to encourage others to do likewise.

FEATURED PROPERTY:  It goes without saying that the grounds and facilities of the circa 1883 Heart of the Hills Inn, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, are easy on the eyes, and a relaxing atmosphere is evident throughout the property. More importantly, the service is considered warm, welcoming, and impeccable. At the time of reservation, guests are typically asked if they have any special requests, needs or dietary considerations.

Upon arrival into the common area, visitors are familiarized with the property, and the history of the inn. The staff makes guests feel welcome with a tour. The staff escorts guests to their rooms, explains the breakfast routine, other particulars, amenities and activities available in the area.

The Heart of the Hills Inn is recommended to anyone who wants a good dose of serenity. Just gaze at the beautiful blooming seasonal gardens situated around the property. It is a place where you can spend relaxing times in conversation with good friends.

SUMMARY: The Heart of the Hills Inn is a prime circa 1883 property nestled in the Ozark Mountains of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The historical B & B offers the tranquility and comfort of a private retreat, yet is a stone\'s throw away from all of the city\'s conveniences. You can hear the geese calling in the distance. All rooms have a fireplace, separate sitting area, and large Jacuzzi tub. In addition to main house rooms, guests can stay in a cottage room, away from the main inn. All rooms give visitors a sense of privacy, space and romance. The inn features sumptuous in-room breakfasts. This along with great service makes for a delightful B & B experience.

ROOMS: In addition to the spacious comfort, the rooms are immaculately clean, and airy, decorated with tasteful d├ęcor, furniture and artwork. Porches and decks offer superb views of the property overlooking a sunken garden, and trees. Star-filled nights and pretty sunsets are part of the charm. All rooms have private entrances, and private deck or porch. Rooms come equipped with free WiFi, cable TV and DVD player. Bathrobes and signature toiletries are provided along with hairdryers, microwaves, coffee pots and refrigerators. The property has several small gardens, and a lovely fountain.

All during your stay you can partake of complimentary tea, and beverages. Upon request rooms come with a lovely bouquet of flowers and gold wrapped chocolates.

SERVICE: Great service with a warm smile. The innkeeper is well known for his genuine hospitality. The innkeeper is knowledgeable and provides efficient service to all of his guests.

AMENITIES: Known for an exceptional, and hearty four-course breakfast, served en-suite: Decadent ciabbata French toast; or Tuscan bread eggs benedict with rosemary pork loin, are some of the items served. The owners collect paintings, unique furnishings, antiques and heirlooms that are interspersed around the house. Some artwork and handicrafts provide a glimpse into local and regional culture. The parlor is the ideal reading room for visitors. It\'s a peaceful room with a variety of different books, board games, magazines and DVD\'s. People like to read on the porch on rocking chairs or sit in the garden on benches or chairs. Upon request, the innkeeper can provide refreshments. Hot tea, iced tea and baked goods are delivered to the guestrooms.

LOCATION: The location is flawless for those who want to get away and feel removed from everyday anxiety and stress, yet close to town to enjoy shopping, restaurants, wineries, and local culture. The inn provides an incomparable sense of comfort. Shopping is a few blocks away, as are some of the well-established galleries. Jewelry, quilts, local products, antiques and paintings are available in town.

CLEANLINESS: The inn is known to be spotless, especially the guestrooms. The gardens with natural plantings throughout are attractive. The beds and herb gardens on the property are meticulously maintained. Overall everything, including the town, is quite picturesque.

VALUE: Compared to a standard hotel room, this property provides excellent value with a sense of historic elegance, comfort and warmth. The rooms are designed to make guests feel relaxed, and cozy. The personal attention makes the difference. The guests appreciate being asked if they are comfortable. The staff is helpful without being intrusive.

About the Author
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: C.J. Good is a freelance writer, keynote guest speaker, and author of two books about finding and cultivating contentment. 'Precious Gifts of Love' and 'Little Gifts of Sustainable Contentment' (Reviews 4.5/5 Stars, Look Inside) are available on Amazon. C.J. Good\'s keynote addresses include: travel topics, health issues, the generation x/y marketplace, and sales. Her purpose is to write quality books that will make a difference in reader\'s lives. C.J. Good is a successful business development executive who worked in the travel industry for 17 years. ~

CONTACT: David Mitchell, Innkeeper/Owner, Heart of the Hills Inn, 5 Summit Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Toll Free- 1-800-253-7468. Rates: $119-$139,

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